An Angel Cried for me today

An Angel cried for me today.
The sting of tears, a receding wave that pulled back 

and sent forth a ripple that spilt over the levy of her lids.
“Spend not your moisture for me. I’m not deserving.”
I bowed my head in shame.

“If not for you, then who?” She asked.
“As you ask, it is given unto you. 

For the world enjoys the gifts you pray for. Hide not your needs–
your keening represents the world’s suffering. 
Cherish the long trail down the cheek of your life. 
Remember the love that waters invoke. 
Choke not on the habit of denial. 
You deserve more than you can imagine. 
Dance in the cleansing action. You are blessed… soak 
in the compassion, partake its salty sustenance, 
a great circle of life lives in you, for you are 
That Angel that cries for the healing of mankind. 
I love you, dear one.”
An Angel cried for me today and her essence changed my heart. 
Her atmosphere stirred a moment of memory and encouraged my inner eyes to see: 
I AM, I AM, I AM a part of her in all eternity.

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