Join my writer’s journey as I make mistakes and learn the ins and outs of marketing, social media, publishing, trading my writer’s hat for that of an author.

Now what shall I work on?

The choices are endless and have caught me thinking instead of doing. Yesterday I worked on my Poetry Chapbook and hummed along for six hours. It’s half-way finished.​Today, I’m working on two short stories for submitting to Literary Magazines and tomorrow I’ll get together with my writer friend, Rachel, to critique and encourage each other […]

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True to the Union; My third manuscript

TRUE TO THE UNION, complete at 85,000 words, combines historical, magical realism, romance and time travel. The story’s construction focuses on duel POVs. Two ancestors that span one-hundred-and-fifty-years and struggle with the concept of self actualization and belonging.  The manuscript is a cross between Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander meets W. Michael Gear’s This Scorched Earth, yet centers on ancestors; one that

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​​Alonia from Ganymede

Young Adult Science Fiction ​In the manuscript, Alonia of Ganymede, the reader is asked to readjust concepts and prejudices of what constitutes alien. On one planet, normal means radiation scars, hairless bodies and no muscle mass. Another planet plays in genetics to survive the low oxygen, high radiation and light atmosphere and creates their own bi-specie

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Little Tujunga Wash

I grew up a few blocks away from the Little Tujunga Wash and used to walk there nearly every summer day when I was nine, ten and eleven. Back then, the water was clean and supported every kind of life you could imagine: Fish, frogs & polliwogs, dragonflies, hummingbirds and imaginary fairies. My very favorites

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