Daryl Tanner’s Review of The 13th Continuum by Jennifer Brody

Yay, thank you Jennifer Brody. I haven’t felt the compulsion to finish and find out what happens inside a novel in ages. From the opening page where Sari, a young girl, witnesses the triggering of the “Doom,” I couldn’t put the book down.

I want to celebrate the teens in this novel. Myra, her brother Tinker, friends Kaleb, Richard and Paige, that are restrained inside the 13th Continuum. They crawl through vents above absolute power of the current cultural tyranny. Then there is Aero, with Wren and Xander, who solder their way through the Second Continuum, and must fight their way past corrupted authority. 

I also enjoyed the connection between the two Main Characters, Myra and Aero, with thousands of miles between them, they’re drawn together to merge ethereally and invites the reader to glean a tingling promise to unfold.

Well crafted, smoothly paced and with just enough tension to make me want to skip by the pain, though written so well, it kept me on the page.

The question I had was what created the Doomsday machine to rigger? Pestilence, human tinkering or invasion? The answer comes to me as I reread William Golding’s quote, ‘Maybe there is a beast … maybe it’s only us.’

Please hurry for the next book in the series!
Thank you again,

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