Poetic lines sing to me in quiet reflections. When I take note, I commune with a power greater than me, and I’m awarded for paying attention.


Through creature’s innards I exitmaw between rows of shark teethspit into a bottomless oceanSheets tangle captures anklesaching in dungeon’s slopNo, not there, I stop not to wakethe too-still man beside meCheck his chest, knobby fist clutch silk sheets… he sleeps​In murky office I murmurhunch-shoulderedrecord nonsense for laterGrab my journal press words on a blank pageWet nose pushes …

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An Angel Cried for me today

An Angel cried for me today.The sting of tears, a receding wave that pulled back and sent forth a ripple that spilt over the levy of her lids.“Spend not your moisture for me. I’m not deserving.”I bowed my head in shame.“If not for you, then who?” She asked.“As you ask, it is given unto you. For the …

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