What cats know that I don’t? Magic in What feeds the Heart?

Sniffy and Malcolm have begun to sit in front of my computer screen, especially when I’m working on What Feeds the Heart’s SocialMedia stream. For instance, every time I try to do work, here they come, not only to sit, but to sit in front of my screen. Is it for warmth? No, I don’t think so. Color? Do cats see colors? Movement…aww yes; it’s the cursor, and the shift from one image to another. But then I sit back and close my eyes, showing no movement. 5 minutes later, by magic, they’re still here. Could it be that they just want to be with me? No, 30 minutes later, I’m alone.

Or maybe, there’s some diabolical cat warning. Stop, dear daryl, with the constant worry over how the images and words appear. Likewise, stop over editing, correcting the edits, because it’s equally important to have some fun with us. Time to take a break from sitting in front of the screen. For instance, let’s run around the house and chase ribbons.

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