You’re not just a butterfly

You’re not a bug, to burrow in the ground
You’re not a fly to buzz around and around
You’re not a flower to color the garden
You are a child ripe for My heaven.

You’re not a ship that floats through the night
You’re not a car that drives out of sight
You’re not a rowboat that sits by the shore
You are My favorite waiting at my door.

You’re not a squirrel that climbs tall trees
You’re not a moth that glides on a night breeze
You’re not a cat that curls on my lap
You are an Angel that will turn off your lamp.

You’re not a ghost that haunts Halloween
You’re not a sprite that swims in the stream
You’re not a whisper that sings in my ear
You are dearer than Life and you’ll never disappear.

You’re not your sickness, troubles or cares
You’re not your sadness or worries out there
You’re not this lifetime of hurts and despair.
You are My Warrior, My soldier, My Mariner. 
    to bring you home early 
    and live in my heart
    to see that the world
    is only the start.
You are my champion, my swordsman, my love
You are my heart-song and all the above.
You are the chosen above all the others
that shows your strength in all of those hours.

You are my Angle in human skin
You are my bird with hidden wings
You are my whirlwind moving so slow
Only another Angel will truly know. . . 

You are my soul now and forever
You are my spirit and we’re sewn together
You are my hummingbird I must let go
back to nature and the Holy Home.

And I will meet you again and again We’ll play
As if we don’t remember and that’ll be okay.
Because . . . You’re not just a butterfly passing away
You’re bigger than one heart can truly say.

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